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Reduced footprint, optimised process efficiency and increased process stability.

Upkeep revolves around implementing targeted and sustainable process improvements for
manufacturers within the chemical and food sectors.

We help companies to optimise their internal and external processes in a sustainable way.
This is how we ensure that manufacturing companies operate more profitably, sustainably and efficiently. Reducing
your footprint, producing more efficiently and increasing your stability: that’s our core business;
that’s where our expertise lies.

With a team of experienced engineers, we unburden manufacturers by making improvements
swiftly. By maintaining one central point of contact, we work transparently. Thanks to our helicopter view,
our projects are designed and supervised effectively. We take care of implementation and training
for internal staff in the fields of maintenance, supply chain, process optimisation and
budget analysis.

Ready for the future

Preparing a company for the future, including ecologically: that’s our field of work.

When your production is more efficient and stable, you increase your profitability and reliability. Wondering how we can achieve this for your business?


Upkeep unburdens manufacturing companies within the chemical and food industries by increasing their process efficiency.



Successful implementation begins with identifying the goals and requirements of an organisation and its end customers.



To carry out a change process, knowledge and experience are essential. We provide streamlined change processes.


Budget analysis

Together, we make an overview of bottlenecks and map out possible process optimisations using budget analyses tailored to your business.


Certificates and tools

We offer innovative solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We work according to the Lean Six Sigma method and we are all SAP experts and VCA specialists. The right consultant in the right place at the right time: that is how we effectively implement the change process.

Civil and industrial engineers

  • Syntra – VCA full
  • LSSI – Lean Six Sigma – yellow belt
  • SBM – coaching training
  • SBM – coaching consultancy training
More information about our training and tools

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Who am I

My name is Jeremy Mertens. I am the founder of Upkeep Engineering.

I have gained a lot of experience as an engineering consultant over my career. For instance, I’ve successfully carried out fantastic and challenging projects for major food producers, including Coca-Cola, Ahold-Delhaize and La Lorraine Bakery group. My experience has given me a broad perspective on optimising maintenance strategies and improving supply chain processes. I always put sustainability and CO-neutral production and delivery at the centre of this. That’s my expertise.

I would be happy to tell you more in a personal conversation:

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